‘Intimate, immersive, often moving, How Was it For You? subtly but powerfully subverts complacent male assumptions about a legendary decade.’

David Kynaston

The cliché of the 1960s: the Pill, Beatlemania, the mini-skirt and Swinging London. A world of Free Love which appeared to promise peace, love and togetherness.

But what was the flip side of a youth supposedly given over to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll? How Was It For You? reconstructs the real 1960s, putting the women who lived it centre stage.

How Was it for You?  follows its predecessors (Perfect Wives in Ideal Homes and Millions Like Us) in tracking the 20th Century through the experiences of women from 1960-1970.

‘With fine intelligence and irresistible brio, Virginia Nicholson brings alive the moral rigidity, panty-wetting Beatlemania, and A-bomb nihilism of 60s England. What was left for women to do? Shake it out and shake it up, and they did. How Was It For You? is a kaleidoscopic tribute to the generation that put the “F” into feminism. I ripped through it with gusto and delight.’

Tina Brown